Inner landscape

The second part of the "Collectible Nature" research theme defined by SINOPLE as a founding act, "Inner Landscape" is now interested in the notion of spaces and landscapes, in their interiorisation, in their psychic dimension.
From 15 oct. to 30 dec. 2020
21-23, r. des Filles du Calvaire Paris III

With :

Atelier Alba
Léa Barbazanges
Antonis Cardew
Charlotte Charbonnel
Marion Chopineau
Studio Corkinho
Yves-Vincent Davroux
Hugo Haas Studio x Atelier Chatersen
Karen Gossart & Corentin Laval
Paulus Marquet
Sachiko Morita
Emilie Moutard-Martin
Célia Nkala
Atelier Polyhedre
François Réau
Sylvain Rieu-Piquet
Martine Rey
Olivier Sévère

Nature and architectures

Resized by the unconscious, the artists’ gesture or the act of collecting, the natural landscape is offered here in a new and personal form, sometimes abstract, sometimes evocative. In this proposal, it is confronted with the architecture of thought and the architecture of a space conducive to free interaction and interpretation.

Materials and editions


A collection of contemporary artworks and objects set up with Hugo Haas Studio, “Inner landscape” brings together sculpture, ceramics, olfactory design, graphic arts, photography, mixed media, furniture and art objects.
Some of the pieces in this collection have been specially designed for SINOPLE, such as the furniture designed by the architect Hugo Haas and produced by Atelier Chatersen, the vases “Bassin composé” and “À fleur d’eau” created by Atelier Polyhedre and the screens by Atelier Alba


Workshop spirit

Installed until 30 December 2020 in a discreet old studio in the Haut-Marais in Paris, “Inner landscape” is an invitation to explore and recompose the landscape through the prism of matter, artistic creation and imagination.



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