Hugo Haas Studio
furniture / tables / wood
chestnut, blued steel top, valchromat
L. 175cm, W. 75cm, H. 76cm
edition of 8 + 3

in collaboration with Atelier CHATERSèN

n°2/8 is part of the Mobilier National collection
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Respective founders of Hugo Haas Studio and Atelier CHATERSèN, Hugo Haas and Arnaud Mainardi met through SINOPLE’s initiative. They combined their architectural and craftsman’s approaches around common and exploratory practices that build bridges between landscape and space, nature and architecture.

A single world can be used to define Hugo Haas and Arnaud Mainardi’s guiding artistic and intellectual principles in drawing and conceiving PROTOTYPE: the forest. It is the creative space of the “feuillardier”, a craftsman who uses vernacular techniques to create furniture and objects by assembling or bending young chestnut branches. A resourceful yet fragile place, a panorama between the earth and sky, it also inspired the lines of this work table, which stands out for its sobriety and contemporary hardiness combining raw and industrial materials: chestnut and steel. In a rigorous structural and aesthetic composition exercise carried by a concern for saving matter and energy, its simple and rudimentary-looking leg frame, stabilized by the tray’s weight, reveals its technical peculiarities and unique lightness. The waxed and hot-rolled metal design allows iridescent shades of blue and black to appear randomly on its surface, evoking the gleams of night and echoing the bark of chestnut wood. Like a detail of the celestial vault overarching the tree branches, PROTOTYPE appears like a piece of forest.


Arnaud Mainardi is a fine craftsman and seat carpenter. He founded atelier CHATERSèN in 2006 and set up his studio in an abandoned train station in the south of France, bordering the Causses and the Cevennes.
Atelier CHATERSèN updates and enlivens traditional techniques to reveal wood in all its richness. It all starts with the forestry, where future forest trees are selected.
Then, back in the workshop, skills in wood stripping, basket and chair making, or steam bending are what allow the craftsman to create contemporary furniture or objects, playing with the textures and colors of wood. Atelier CHATERSèN works in the fields of Land Art, home and garden decor, but also in public spaces and shops or hotels in France and abroad. Since 2012, the company collaborates with designers, architects and craftspeople.
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