Bassin composé

Atelier Polyhedre
ceramics / objects / vases
red earthenware and transparent glaze
Ring : ø. 35,5 cm
Vase: ø. 9cm, H. 20cm
Basin: ø. 12cm, H. 2cm
Bamboo: L. 43cm, ø. 3cm
limited edition, signed and numbered to 8
In stock
A set of four earthenware pieces, sometimes glazed and sometimes left bare, "Bassin Composé” (Compound basin) is an evocation of the landscape that echoes Japanese basketry, Kazuo Shinohara’s architecture or even the Japanese ritual of ikebana, which Atelier Polyhedre discovered during their artistic residency at Villa Kujoyama in Kyoto.
Its main ring borders and contains all of the elements of this proposition, like a spatial delineation. Within its interior perimeter, the composition within the room and of the plants they can accommodate is unconstrained. It is articulated around a vertical vase, a reference to the otoshi1, a horizontal basin for a kenzan2 and the ceramic reproduction of a bamboo segment which "sequences" the space defined by the whole.
With all the characteristic duality of Atelier Polyhedre’s creations, this ceramic landscape plays with the notions of the container and content, matte and shiny, organic shapes and the thrown pieces, space and emptiness, like a contemporary assimilation of the Japanese "Ma" concept, which summons and unites distance, space and time.
1 – the bamboo piece which contains water and bouquets and fits into traditional Japanese baskets
2 – the Japanese flower holder mainly used for ikebana
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