A common inspiration

Julien Strypsteen and Éric-Sébastien Faure-Lagorce work by collecting contemporary artworks that border art and design. This idea sparked the creation of Sinople in 2018.

Behind such a poetic word lies a creative space, a gallery, a place dedicated to researching matter. Nourished by historic references tied to the decorative arts, they do not solely question function, they invent an aesthetic discourse, a world nurtured by its network of artist-makers, driven by an “ensemblier” logic.

These knowledgeable strollers select and edit according to academic principles. Step by step, Sinople rolls out an inner landscape and a sensibility guided by the desire to show objects and iconic works which respect artistry and the nobility of matter.

Thought Architecture

The two curators’ exhibits are built around the notion of storytelling and staging. Under the Sinople coat of arms, they uncoil refined and immemorial themes.

Their demanding quest celebrates a world full of meaning. Collectible Nature, their first sharing medium, is an exhibition which goes against our expectations and unfolds in many acts: Wunderkammer, Inner landscape… A notion of universal beauty, tied to the expression of nature. The objects entice us with their ambiguity, both open and closed, natural and artificial, deep and light, dark and bright, and shake up our worldview through their uniqueness, project and design.

The future is looking rich and surprising with upcoming themes inspired by the etymology of the gallery’s name: objects which question the preciousness of light and reflection, the notion of reproduction, drawing and stamping, what is ineffable, subjective and objective reality, color complexity, and finally, which explore uncharted worlds through timeless and placeless contemporary excavations.

A unique stocklist

The selection of works curated by Sinople highlights the project’s importance and exacerbates diversity. Without dogmas or borders, they collect artefacts crafted with the utmost skill and imagination. The collection finds its roots in dialogue. Éric-Sébastien Faure-Lagorce and Julien Strypsteen enjoy tossing ideas, challenging creators and pushing their boundaries. Their perfectionism is based on a deep technical knowledge.

Sinople strives for an independent reality, cultural content, symptomatic of artistic human genius. They define artefacts through their artistry.

— Anne BONY
art historian, author, professor