Erosion – Vide-poche

Studio Corkinho
mineral / objects
Beige di Medici
ø. 13,5 cm, H. 4 cm
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An allusion to the natural process of destruction and transformation of materials over time, EROSION uses stone scraps from the Hullebusch manufacturing company to create a line of fine sandstone objects.
Carved from a selection of Italian or German stones used for construction - Pietra di Medici, Beige di Medici and Pierre de Varennes, EROSION evokes the silent and continual transformation of architecture into a melancholic structure. Worn out over the ages, a construction becomes a ruin, which in turn transforms into a shrine to time and returns to its purest and most primitive state: stone.
Through its connection with nature and history, EROSION gives objects an aspect of tactile serenity. In this series, Studio Corkinho revives the material and the object, referring back to its fragile and brutal primitive condition, while turning them into universal and timeless works of art.
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