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Yves-Vincent Davroux

Yves-Vincent Davroux's work breaks with imposed photographic symbolism and strives to set aside the notion of a "photographic subject", rules about framing and perspective. Rather, he looks for an intrapersonal vibration and distancing from reality on his quest for confusion and sensations.
born in 1969, France
works and lives in Lille

From his very beginnings, Yves-Vincent Davroux has seen photography as a continuous field of experience; he focuses on matter, deformation, luminous reflections and transparent prisms.

Since 2000, music – electroacoustic, acousmatic, contemporary – has become very important in his work process, allowing him to simultaneously combine photographs – printed out or projected – and music in his installations.

His recent explorations question perspectives on photographic “subject” and “distance”. This brings him to scout out new fields of expression which definitively break with photographic formalism, through a generally immersive play on visual perceptions, approaching blurriness in particular as a new field of experimentation in its own right.

His relationship to the image is deliberately subjective, defined by the possibility of extracting “visual windows”, like André Breton called them, from the real world. His experiments resemble the author’s automatic writing concept and look for ways of transposing it to photography. It is always an encounter with chance and whatever the process, the material or the subject, Yves-Vincent Davroux prefers to defend the notion of a breach, or crack, which brings us back to our senses, instead of pursuing technical or rational objectivity which leaves little room for mystery or imagination.

Solo exhibitions


L’imaginaire du réel – Lille Art Fair – Leica Store – Lille (FR)

Workshop – L’imaginaire du réel  Musée LAM – Villeneuve d’Ascq (FR)

Group exhibitions


Achronos   Sinople – Paris (FR)

Natures Mortes   Sinople – Paris (FR)

Burnt Cork  Made in Situ x Noé Duchaufour Lawrence – Lisbonne (PT)

Terres de Râches – Le Non Lieu / Ecole d’Art de Douai – Douai (FR)


Paysage Intérieur, collectible nature act. 2 – Sinople – Paris (FR)


L’ensemble 20° dans le noir et ALCÔME – Conservatoire Edgard-Varèse de GENNEVILLIERS – Lille Art Fair (FR)

Place / Displace – projection / concert – Villa Aurora – Los Angeles (US)

Fotogami – Suit by the Room – Lille (FR)

Regards Croisés  Galerie Leica – Lille (FR)

Private Maison 8 – Bruxelles (BE)

Small is beautiful  – Le Non Lieu – Roubaix (FR)


Fusion / Alcôme – L’ensemble 20° dans le noir – Musique contemporaine, acousmatique et photographie – Espace des Arts sans frontières – PARIS (FR) 



Vésubie, première promenade – Yves-Vincent Davroux – Sablier Noir


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