Playing on the initial and domestic function of the place that houses the gallery at the Hôtel de Retz, "1ST FLOOR" brings together the artworks, objects and pieces of furniture proposed by Sinople in a flat configuration.
from 29.01 to 12.03.22

with all the artists of the gallery accompanied by other invited artists and the collaboration of Graziella Semerciyan, the Bigaignon gallery and the Parallèle gallery.

Hôtel de Retz
9, Charlot Paris III
tue-sat 12:00 - 19:00

For the occasion, Sinople invites photographer Christophe Coënon* to walk through the exhibition and deliver a series of personal views of this new hanging format created at the gallery.


1st floor

Around A Benidor designed by Edgar Jayet and Victor Fleury Ponsin and awarded at the 2021 edition of Design Parade Toulon, the Prototype desk designed by Hugo Haas in collaboration with Atelier Chatersen and recently acquired by the Mobilier National, or the metal furniture elements imagined by the young Belgian designer Charlotte Anne Declercq presented at the Dutch Design Week, photographs, graphic arts, ceramics, sculptures and objects come to inhabit the space.

Eclectic display

A place of collection offered to all artistic disciplines and without distinction of periods, “1ST FLOOR” also presents a selection of works of art and antique objects notably gathered with the complicity of Graziella Semerciyan and the Galerie Parallèle: Japanese vase, antique stool, Philippe Starck’s chair or ecclesiastical architectural elements of the 17th century.


Christophe Coënon

Christophe Coënon is a French-Italian photographer trained in Switzerland at the ECAL. Based in Paris, he divides his time between his personal projects and his collaborations with the press, luxury houses and young architects.

His documentary-lyrical work focuses on photography of interiors, still life and know-how.


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