Résilience 2

Atelier Alba
furniture / objects
birch burl, mulberry tree paper, parchment
L. 50 cm, W. 60 cm (open)
unique piece
In stock
Atelier Alba draws its inspiration from natural and architectural shapes observed through the changing prism of light to nourish its projects.
Their curiosity for different skill sets leads them to merge techniques and fundamentally opposed materials, reconciling traditions with innovation. The folding screen series developed with SINOPLE, for example, was inspired by the Japanese ritual object and its symbolic and ornamental function which is often associated with representations of Nature, and from the material with which it is adorned. When it is folded up, the artifact only displays the veins of its rare and precious veneer. When open, by subtracting mulberry paper inlaid with parchment, the screen reveals the specificities of wood: the rings of the tree it originates from, or elegant and surprising magnifying glass patterns. Through a skillful composition, it displays a dreamlike and infinite landscape.
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