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Beyond the Mirror

Thibeau Scarcériaux is one of the most promising artist-designers on the contemporary Belgian scene.
 From 27 March to 13 July, Sinople is unveiling ‘Beyond the mirror’, a synthesis of his work developed since the beginning of his collaboration with the gallery.

Somewhere between an artistic installation and a domestic space, the exhibition can be experienced as an existential maze, a dominium in which the object is master and mirror of the boundaries between ourselves, others and the world. A world that the artist reinvents with his favourite materials: glass and light.

Through his work, Thibeau Scarcériaux creates a functional and sculptural ecosystem that plays with our senses, our bearings and our subconscious. His productions, which are all utilitarian, initially provoke a disconcerting questioning of their own materiality, construction and use, before finally focusing attention on our own condition.

Each of his artefacts, no matter how minimal, cannot leave anyone indifferent, and often provokes a cascade of reactions, always involving the question of taking a stand. Whether it’s a question of racism, disappearance, the gaze of the other, or conflict, his work is built on a constant concern to sculpt his thoughts through the object.

Between art and function, the object becomes a medium, and the designer blurs the boundaries between fine art and design, challenging the viewer’s expectations. Thibeau Scarcériaux seeks to create a dialogue between his work and the viewer, encouraging contemplation and discussion on the subject. This allows the viewer to form his or her own opinion about the subject and to engage in a meaningful exchange with the work. He establishes a new relationship with the object without denying its technical and functional dimension.

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Hôtel de Retz
9, rue Charlot Paris IIIème
Building A / 1st floor
tue. – sat.
12:00 pm – 07:00 pm

The gallery will be closed from Tuesday May 28 to Saturday June 1 included.

SINOPLE-thibeau-scarceriaux-beyon-the-mirror-exhibition-© Thibeau Scarcériaux-24
SINOPLE-thibeau-scarceriaux-beyon-the-mirror-exhibition-© Thibeau Scarcériaux-27
SINOPLE-thibeau-scarceriaux-beyon-the-mirror-exhibition-© Thibeau Scarcériaux-7
SINOPLE-thibeau-scarceriaux-beyon-the-mirror-exhibition-© Thibeau Scarcériaux-10
SINOPLE-thibeau-scarceriaux-beyon-the-mirror-exhibition-© Thibeau Scarcériaux-11
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