Thibeau Scarcériaux

Somewhere between art and function, Thibeau Scarcériaux's work is mainly organised around taboos. He explores the social, cultural, economic and physical aspects of often controversial subjects through the design of his pieces, whether racism, war, etc. In a thoughtful way that encourages questioning, the object becomes a medium in his practice. In this way, the designer blurs the boundaries between fine art and design, and challenges the viewer's expectations.
born in 1997, Belgium
lives and works near Leuven (BE)

Thibeau Scarcériaux’s unique aesthetic takes shape in the transfiguration of the banal: that of the material and the object. Through this exploration, Scarcériaux seeks to create a dialogue between his work and the viewer, encouraging contemplation and discussion. This allows the viewer to form their own opinion on the subject matter and engage in a meaningful exchange with the work. Thibeau Scarcériaux’s interest in taboo subjects adds depth and nuance to his work. He establishes a new relationship with the object without denying its technical and functional dimension.



Furniture Design – Thomas More University of Applied Sciences – Anvers (BE)


Industrial Design – Howest University of Applied Sciences – Courtrai (BE)

Solo exhibition


Beyond the Mirror – Sinople – Paris (FR)

Group exhibitions


Reflective Visions – Polestar Gallery – Bruxelles (BE)
– Sinople – Paris (FR)
Healing Water – Z33, Maison d’Art actuel, Design & Architecture – Hasselt (BE)
Design Fair – Nieuw Instituut – Rotterdam (NL)
Belgian Pavilion – Milan Design Week (IT)
Collectible Fair – Tour & Taxis – Bruxelles (BE)
Object Rotterdam – HAKA Building – Rotterdam (NL)


Dutch Design Week – Eindhoven (NL)
Contemporary Design Market (Young guest of Honor) – Tour & Taxis – Bruxelles (BE)
Milan Design Week – Isola Design District – Milan (IT)
Night Watch – FOMU – Anvers (BE)


Brussels Design September – Bruxelles (BE)


Young guest of honor – Contemporary design market – Bruxelles (BE)
Selected as « 20 to watch and invest in 2023 » by Flanders District of Creativity (Flanders DC)
State grant


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