by Virginie Lucy-Duboscq et Vanessa Chenaie

Raw emotions

The work is late… The decorator is ready. He arrives with his selection, grumbles a bit at first, but finally lets himself be inspired, because the raw space is astonishing. At night, in the absence of the workers, his tests and set-ups create a giant moodboard in which unexpected connections emerge… until the early hours of the morning

The photoshoot features :
. “Promenade du Nord – Intro 1” by Ciprian Tocu
. “Marostica” by Lætitia Jacquetton

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Emotions brutes
by Virginie Lucy-Duboscq et Vanessa Chenaie

february 2023

"Marostica" de Lætitia Jacquetton (en bas, au centre), "Promenade du Nord - Intro 1" de Ciprian Tocu (à gauche)
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