by Marie Godfrain

Design celebrates the new age of metal

Aluminium, nickel, steel, cast iron, stainless steel – all sorts of metals are invading the design world this spring. Recyclable and economical, these materials are appealing to both mainstream furniture brands and more confidential designers.

[…] The Parisian gallery Sinople, in the Marais district, is devoting a solo exhibition to the young designer Thibeau Scarcériaux until 13 July, with, among the star pieces, a totemic, human-sized psyche, like an open book in mirror-polished steel.
[…] The designers are also playing with references to the past, with metal accompanying the history of utilitarian objects since the Bronze Age. Charlotte Anne Declercq‘s brushed and waxed aluminium stools, for example, are assembled using a decorative technique inspired by ancient Egyptian heat welding.

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Le design célèbre le nouvel âge du métal
by Marie Godfrain

M le Monde
n°656 Design issue, 12 April 2024, p. 20 & p. 132-135

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