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Joris Verstrepen

Founder of the eponymous studio, Joris Verstrepen belongs to this emerging generation of designers whose creative process tends to redefine what it means to be and to do in the practice of design. More broadly, he questions the act and meaning of creation at a time when the linear fundamentals of Western cultures and economic models are running out of steam.
born in Belgium
works and lives in Antwerp (BE)

Characteristic of the contemporary Belgian school, Joris Verstrepen’s production extends from the design of the object to its manufacture, display and transmission in a holistic and virtuous model.

Designer, curator, scenographer, creator of the “Design, talk and dishes” dinners, author of Indian ink drawings, there are no boundaries in the work of a man who invests each of his projects with his own hands and his own thoughts.

At the heart of his work, nature and the materials it provides, shaped by the seasons and their environment, allow him to assert a philosophy of imperfection reflected in the omnipresence of the passage of time on the object and its organic character. The sensoriality of the project is also underpinned by an approach centred on craftsmanship. It allows the designer to study and manipulate the material with respect, adding an extra dimension to the experience of the artefact.

Emblematic of his work, the series ‘A place for – Nurture, Contemplation – Rest’ confronts solid aluminium modules with materials borrowed from West Flanders: ash, shale and linen. As structure and support, he emphasises their beauty as much as he gives them a rediscovered function: that of a seat, a space for resting or for eating.


Interior Design – Thomas More University of Applied Sciences – Anvers (BE)

Group exhibitions


Midsummer – Galerie Sinople – Paris (FR)

Belgian Pavilion – Milan Design Week (IT)


Dutch Design Week – Eindhoven (NL)


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