by Lisa Agostini

Sinople, at the crossroads of creative worlds

Based in the Marais district of Paris for the past five years, Sinople is dedicated to supporting designers and artists who are keen to blur the rigid boundaries between disciplines and creative practices.

Both a gallery and a studio specialising in directing artistic projects, SINOPLE was founded in 2018 by Julien Strypsteen and Eric-Sébastien Faure-Lagorce. Nestled in the Marais district of Paris, the address likes to combine contemporary art, design and decorative arts. A space for research as well as production and exhibition, its aim is to break down the barriers between contemporary creation and the creative industries.
A winning equation. The proof is in the form of the gallery’s very first edition, the “Prototype” work table designed by architect Hugo Haas and made in collaboration with hardwood craftsman Arnaud Mainardi, which has entered the collections of the Mobilier National.
Thibeau Scarcériaux’s work is undoubtedly one of the most singular. His work tackles controversial subjects such as racism and war. These themes are reflected in pieces of furniture such as the ‘War Chair’, made of armoured glass showing bullet holes.
As for the pieces by Joris Verstrepen, they question the creative act, and its meaning, at a time when economic and cultural systems are running out of steam. His “Contemplation Bench” series, designed with aluminium structures on which massive slabs of Bertrix schist are placed, is a case in point.
Not to be missed either is Charlotte Anne Declercq’s fine reflection on materiality. Very sober, the designer works on the patina that eventually reveals the texture of the chosen materials whether steel or aluminium. It’s an approach that surprisingly lends softness and tenderness to these hard, cold metals.

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Sinople, at the crossroads of creative worlds
par Lisa Agostini

November 6 2023

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