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Patio vol.2

From 6 September to 8 October, the second volume of the “Patio” exhibition, part of the Paris Design Week itinerary, continues to reflect on this architectural archetype, an open-air amenity space at the centre of the home.

Inspired by the architecture of the Parisian gardens, by the sense and rhythm of circulation that they impose, the ceramist Ciprian Tocu conceived a set of sculptures and objects with forms and glazes specially developed for the gallery. From browns to greens, their colours blend with earth, plants and metal. They embody a contemporary vision of the vegetated space and its relationship to time that it induces more specifically in Parisian parks. The concept associated with these forms of use and sculpture responds to the play of water and colour, light and shadow, reflections, perspectives and construction characteristic of these places of life, and strolling.

The exhibition also includes a selection of furniture pieces by Perron et Frères, Charlotte Anne Declercq and Studio Corkinho. Eternités and Le Jardin Fermé, photographic series by Thierry Urbain, or vase sculptures by Laetitia Jacquetton punctuate this contemplative volume among other works from the gallery.

As part of Paris Design Week from 8 to 18 September, the exhibition can be found on the “Art & Design” and “Atypique” promenades.

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Patio vol.2 

Hôtel de Retz
9, rue Charlot Paris IIIème

6 sept. – 8 oct.
tues. – sat. 12:00 – 19:00

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