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Beyond the mirror – Thibeau Scarcériaux

Emerging Belgian artist-designer Thibeau Scarcériaux presents “Beyond the mirror” at Galerie Sinople until 13 July.

His exhibition fuses artistic installation and domestic space, exploring the boundaries between the object, oneself and the world.
Using glass and light, he creates a functional and sculptural ecosystem that questions our human condition. His creations encourage reflection on the materiality, construction and use of objects, while sparking conversations about issues such as racism and disappearance. By blurring the boundaries between art and function, Thibeau Scarcériaux invites the viewer into a contemplative and meaningful dialogue with his works.

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Beyond the mirror – Thibeau Scarcériaux – SINOPLE
by the editorial team

n°03, april-june 2024, p. 14

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