by Yvette Yang

Paris Design Week 2023 Highlights

Discovering newcomers: “Horizons” by the Sinople gallery

Sinople, a gallery specialising in materials and design in the heart of the Marais district, is inviting young Belgian designers to celebrate Design Week.
Belgian design is characterised by its experimental approach, between art and function, and differs from France where the decorative aspect is often more valued. With a different approach to design, these young minimalist creators are avant-garde and seem to ignore all constraints, often linked to the question of use. Like Thibeau Scarcériaux’s bullet-proof glass armchair, or his collection of furniture made from obsolete X-rays to create screens and lights that reveal skeletons when switched on. The aim behind the use of often shocking images and subjects is to provoke thought and dialogue. Joris Verstrepen’s stools, made of stones placed on a steel frame in its simplest form, were equally appealing.

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Paris Design Week 2023 Highlights 
by Yvette Yang

Marie Claire Maison – Korea
n°134, p. 133, october 2023

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