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Sinople is pleased to be included in the new edition of the Louis Vuitton City Guide Paris.

A “flying gallery”, Sinople has moved to the Hôtel de Retz in the autumn of 2021, replacing the Thierry Bigaignon photography gallery, in a confidential flat, a discreet space conducive to presenting collections of objects commissioned and published exclusively “without dogma or borders”.

The Sinople, Julien Strypsteen and Eric Sébastien Faure-Lagorce, act as assemblers and offer objects produced, chosen and presented with great care. The selected artists, designers and craftsmen work with a transversal approach to the materials of the decorative and applied arts: glass, wood, lacquer, ceramics, cork, stone and metal.

Among the rich list of creators associated with Sinople: the ceramists Atelier Polyhedre, the cabinetmaker Antonis Cardew, the silk sculptor Miyouki Nakajima, the lacquerer Martine Rey… Contemporary art is invited thanks to the photography of Yves-Vincent Davroux, as well as ancient art, with precious objects lent by friendly antique dealers.

Sinople having a double meaning (the red pigment of frescoes and the art of heraldry), the gallery adds to its activities that of an agency specialising in communication and artistic project management aimed at professionals.*

* text of the mobile application written by Isabelle Valembras

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