by Ryan Waddoups


In Paris, a collectible design festival promises something different.
Interview of Anna Caradeuc, founder of Contributions festival

Contributions, an upstart offering of collectible design envisioned by creative consultants Anna Caradeuc and Bildung, places rare furnishings and objects of desire made by up-and-coming talents in unexpected architectural sites across Paris—a welcome arrival as Paris embraces an emergent art and design week.
(…) The appeal of Contributions lies in its unpredictability. Nine installations, all free and open to the public, aim to capture the design world’s rich diversity and serve as a conveyor of new perspectives and ways of seeing, feeling, and experiencing in sites that simply can’t be replicated elsewhere. (…) Ahead of the festival, which will be held October 16–22, we spoke to Caradeuc about what to expect in a conversation that has been edited and condensed for clarity.

(…) Let’s get to the fair itself—nine pop-ups in nine special locations across Paris. What’s the through-line connecting it all?

Anna Caradeuc : I don’t want to use the word “immersive,” but Contributions is presenting exhibitions and installations with work in conversation with the spaces. Each participating designer agreed to play that game, and their exhibition spaces were very thoughtfully presented to them.

Is there one pairing you’re particularly excited about?

(…) I’m also equally excited about the Georgian textile artist Mariana Chkonia, who makes felted wool tapestries. We met through Rooms Studio because they collaborated on a few pieces. She’ll be showing with Sinople at an incredible stained glass artist’s workshop, which feels magical because it’s this untouched place only a few people know about in central Paris.



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In Paris, a Collectible Design Festival Promises Something Different
Interview by Ryan Waddoups

Surface Mag
October 13 2023

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