by Jean-Christophe Camuset

En verre et contre tout

If there’s one material that has its aficionados, it’s glass! Even if we’ve known about it for centuries, glass still has secrets to reveal. Here’s a look at some of the designers and craftsmen who push the material to its limits and come up with some surprising pieces that will make you melt with envy.

Belgian designer Thibeau Scarcériaux plays with the apparent fragility of the material by assembling sheets of smoked glass with no visible joints to create his ‘cl. 1[gg]’ chaise longue (Galerie Sinople).
He plans to produce only one of each colour.

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En verre et contre tout
by Jean-Christophe Camuset

Elle Décoration
n° 315, may 2024, p. 60

SINOPLE-thibeau-scarceriaux-chaise-longue-cl.1gg-© Thibeau Scarceriaux-9
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