SINOPLE • exhibition

Collectible Nature Act. 1

⥗ 05 – 14 sept. 2019

Sinople launches its first exhibition COLLECTIBLE NATURE ACT. 1 in a first ephemeral gallery. Conceived by its founders, this collection brings together works and art objects whose creators have drawn their inspiration from natural forms, elements and phenomena.

More than a wunderkammer, “Collectible Nature act. 1” is a singular conservation space imagined with artists for whom the collection and study of Nature are the basis of their approach. Through the most basic gesture, they give substance to the most elementary, extinct or ephemeral matter.

Observers or gleaners, they metamorphose and restore the fruit of their in situ contemplations and their research in artworks and art objects, praising naturalia, artificialia, scientifica and exotica.
In the form of scientific tools, curiosities, replicas, objects, sculptures or inventories, etc., and by means of atypical techniques or their own orchestrations, they reveal to us, with a new eye and down to the smallest detail, the infinitesimal, surprising and striking beauty of Nature.

After collecting comes the collection of what it produces. The insatiable desire to assemble, classify, organise or display this collection in the manner of cabinets of curiosities, herbariums and illustrated plates reveals a completely different detail: the uniqueness of each object resulting from these accumulations.

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Wunderkammer, collectible nature act.1


Lucile Viaud
Olivier Sévère
Nadège Mouyssinat
Émilie Moutard-Martin
Sachiko Morita*
Charlotte Charbonnel**
Antonis Cardew
Léa Barbazanges en collaboration avec Isaak Rensing

* courtesy Blandine Chambost
** courtesy Backslash Gallery

6 rue des Coutures Saint-Gervais Paris IIIème

⥗ 05 – 14 sept. 2019

Lames 3
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