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Burnt Cork


As part of its Made in Situ project, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance invites Sinople to present the work of photographer Yves-Vincent Davroux in dialogue with its new furniture collection entitled Burnt Cork.

During his journey to Portugal in the summer of 2017, Noé Duchaufour-Lawrance discovered many areas devastated by forest fires. This visceral experience left a deep impression on him. Made in Situ’s second collection pays tribute to cork, Portugal’s iconic resilient material. This collection of 7 pieces of furniture was born from the anomaly, which Noé wanted to make tangible in the very composition of the pieces.

In order to share the history, inspiration and manufacturing process of this collection, Noé invited other artists whose work particularly resonates with his own. Thus, Sinople presents Noir Silence 5 and Noir Silence 13 by the photographer Yves-Vincent Davroux, whose Chronotope series is itself the result of shots taken in burnt-out areas in the Algarve.

The space captured by Yves-Vincent Davroux is embodied in vast, vibrant monochromes where the subject gradually fades away in favour of a sensory abstraction.


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Burnt cork

Made in Situ
16 Travessa do Rosário – 1250-096 Lisboa (PT)

⥗ 09.2021

© Clément Chevlet
© Clément Chevlet
© Clément Chevlet
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