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Marine Billet

Through her jewellery, Marine Billet offers a sensitive look at human architecture for both its artistic and technical qualities.
born in France
lives and works between Paris and Normandy

Trained as an architect, Marine Billet began a career change as a jeweller in 2016 and became a model maker for haute couture houses. Her years of experience have enabled her to refine her favourite skills, which are moulding, impressions and the ancestral technique of lost wax casting.

Her fascination with moulding and the appropriation of identical objects allows her to modify her relationship with the world and to sensualise these imprints that she steals in order to place them on the body. Her production of jewellery and accessories is made up of sculptural pieces that can be adorned like a second skin.



Prix des artisanes ELLE – LVMH in the “Jewellery-Watchmaking” category


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