Laetitia Jacquetton

After several years devoted to fashion design, always sensitive to sculpture and craftsmanship, Laetitia Jacquetton began to make objects and rediscovered the satisfaction of making them with her own hands by tackling a demanding craft: traditional glass blowing with a cane.
In a contemplative approach, her productions combine stones and glass delicately intertwined.
born in 1970, France
lives and works in Murano (IT)

Murano-based Lætitia Jacquetton spent her childhood in rural Burgundy, France, exploring the woods with her grandfather, picking mushrooms, and wading barefoot through sparkling rock-strewn torrents. Time moved slowly as she dreamed of the world’s grandest cities filled with cultural treasures. Giving in to this magnetic attraction, she found her way into fashion design, working for luminaries such as Sharon Wauchob and Martin Margiela. Soon propelled into the world, on a constant lookout for novel experiences, she took up various roles, such as art director for Galeries Lafayette, Paris. She gradually moved past the hysteria of runway collections and towards a more timeless approach to fashion.

Living and working in such fast-paced hubs as Paris or Hong Kong, Jacquetton regularly gravitated to the soothing, replenishing qualities of forests and mountains, to reconnect with the place humans occupy in nature. Her lifelong interest in hand crafts rekindled the pleasure she derived from making objects beyond simply designing them. Her new quest leaned towards minimalist essentials since Japanese aesthetics, most notably artisan hand crafts, gardens, and architecture, were already a strong influence. She first had the chance to blow glass while exploring Okinawa. This new emotional experience was life-changing to the point that glassblowing instantly became a vital necessity. She drew upon her influences—the Mingei movement, Yanagi Sōetsu’s writing—to approach glassblowing using traditional blowpipes, a challenging skill that typically takes years to learn.

Italy being her second home, Jacquetton furthered her glassblowing apprenticeship in Murano, Venice, and now works in studios in France and Italy, depending on circumstances. Her love of nature led her to utilise “wild” rocks gathered from riverbeds and mountain slopes, paying particular care to never disrupt the natural environment from which they were sourced. As the first person to set eyes on Jacquetton’s glasswork, Lauren Manoogian encouraged her to develop it, inviting her to exhibit within the demanding vision of her own work in 2020.

Group exhibitions


Patio Vol. 1 – Sinople – Paris (FR)


Echos – Lauren Manoogian Gallery – Paris (FR)

GURU Art Fair – Cornette de Saint-Cyr – Paris (FR)

Solo exhibitions


Teaton Gallery – Kanazawa (JP)


Galerie Stimmung – Paris (FR)

Galerie Food for Thought – Tokyo (JP)


Lauren Manoogian Gallery – New-York (US)


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