Fabrice Cazenave

Fabrice Cazenave translates his experiences into drawings and sculptures. He questions our relationship to truth, to belief, to the present, and uses a subjective tool, his own body, to question reality.
born in 1975, France
works and lives in Paris

He began ballet at a very young age and joined Claude Bardouil’s PMA dance theater company in 1998, as he was studying at the Beaux Arts in Toulouse. Since 2006, he has mainly devoted himself to drawing. His wide-ranging practice stems from a deliberately exploratory, or even experimental, approach. Most of the time, he works with his eyes closed. He feels, tastes, touches, explores his environment, and simultaneously transcribes his sensations onto space-body diagrams. He seeks to discover how a place can transform us through our perceptions of it, and when our rationality flickers to modify our perspective through the prism of our culture and our cognitive biases.

In 2018 Fabrice Cazenave was the first winner of the AIR program for French artists in residence (FAR) / Hill End AIR. This unique residency program is a partnership between the Bathurst Regional Art Gallery (BRAG) and the French Consulate in Sydney. Since 2009, he has had several solo and group exhibitions in France and abroad, including “The garden of shadows” in Bathurst (Australia) in 2019 and recently “Antipolis” organized by the Picasso Museum in Antibes.


DNSEP Beaux arts de Toulouse

DNAT Ecole d’art des Pyrénées Pau

Solo exhibitions


Le jardin des ombres – Musée Picasso d’Antibes – espace d’exposition Les Arcades (FR)


The garden of shadows – Die Brucke – Lille (FR)

The garden of shadows – Bathurst Regional Art Gallery – NSW (AU)


Invocations, Die Brucke, Lille (FR)


Solar Cream – commissaire John Marchant – Eagle Gallery, London (GB)


Hyperballad – commissaire Azad Asifovich – galerie Nivet-Carzon – Paris (FR)


Cartographie des nuages – Centre d’Art Contemporain de Mourenx (FR)


Avant que le loup/Autoportraits – Galerie de Belleville – Paris (FR)

Group exhibitions


Drawing/Draw #5 – Le Lieu Multiple – Montpellier (FR)

Another Realm, Silvis Contemporary – virtual gallery, New York (US)

Affaires d’états – Galerie la Ferronnerie – Paris (FR)


Espace contraint/sujet libre – commissaire Carl Hurtin – PAHLM Cazères sur Garonne (FR)


Non grata – commissaire Agnès Callu – galerie Marty de Cambiaire – Paris (FR)


Particules – commissaire Evor – L’atelier, Voyage à Nantes (FR)

De la texture du présent (performance filmée) dans le cadre de Desseins, Dessins, Designs (DDD)

Epistémologie du dessin – par Agnes Callu pour le Collège de France


Then me too, Galerie Simpson curated by John Marchant – Swansea (UK)

Pure gold – John Marchant Gallery – London (UK)


European contemporary art exhibition At Qingdao Sculpture Art Museum (RPC)


Collection Gilles Balmet à l’occasion de l’exposition au Vog et à l’ESAD – Grenoble (FR)

Paysage – Artmandat – Barjols (FR)

Dreaming reality – RUSH Arts Gallery – New York (US)


The others – curated by John Marchant – Torino (IT)

Drawing Now, Artiste en focus, curated by John Marchant – Carrousel du Louvre – Paris (FR)


Cutlog – Bourse du commerce – curated by John Marchant – Paris (FR) (nominé pour le prix Arte/Cutlog)

Trajectory – curated by John Marchant – Bruxelles (BE)

Drawing Now, Artiste en focus, curated by John Marchant – Carrousel du Louvre – Paris (FR)


Gone to earth – Isis Gallery – John Marchant, London (GB)

Spunk – Envoy Gallery – New York (US)


Alimentable – le BBB Toulouse (FR)

Apparence 1 – performance théâtre Sorano – Toulouse


Apparence 1 – performance – Clermont-ferrand (FR)


Relaps – Chapelle Cumin Auch (FR)

Corps –  action culturelle du BBB à L’ENFA – Toulouse (FR)



Drawing Factory -résidence co-organisée par le drawing Lab et le CNAP

Musée Picasso d’Antibes


Hill End Residence Program en partenariat avec la Bathurst Regional Art Gallery et le programme FAR de l’Ambassade de France en Australie


Lycée professionnel de Castelsarrasin



12 drawings for the HERMES George V shop

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