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Elias Van Orshaegen

Elias Van Orshaegen’s instinctive and practical approach to collectible design fluctuates between primary memory and exploratory cultural desires.
born in 1995, Belgium
lives and works in Antwerp (BE)

Designer and craftsman? Elias Van Orshaegen develops a repertoire of universal forms of use, which he makes with his own hands or in collaboration with others. This modus operandi leads him to produce very small series and to continually experiment with his favorite materials: metal, wood and concrete.
Clear forms and the sensory qualities of materials are central to his work and the sculptural creation of his objects and furniture elements. Fascinated by primary cultures and the forms they use, Elias translates these inspirations into subtle, functional objects for indoors and out.



Furniture Design – Thomas More University of Applied Sciences – Anvers (BE)

Solo exhibition


A distant closeness – Sò-Space – Anvers (BE)

Group exhibitions


Horizons – Sinople – Paris (FR)
Ecersizio due – Galleria Gilda – Milan Design Week (IT)
Collectible Fair – Tour & Taxis – Bruxelles (BE)


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