by Leo Lei

Anna Caradeuc and Bildung debut design festival Contributions

Contributions, an avant-garde design festival making its debut in Paris from October 16th-22nd, was created in collaboration between Anna Caradeuc and Bildung.

What started merely as a conceptual brainstorm, the fair has evolved to support nine pop-ups in various locations throughout Paris – coinciding with the inaugural launch of Design Miami/ Paris.
Drawing inspiration from her roots in the independent music scene, Caradeuc cites a shared commitment amongst the organizers to uplift independent artists and designers, with a motivation around amplifying these talents to broader audiences. Challenging the traditional structure of design fairs, Contributions prioritizes a more inclusive, collaborative methodology, blurring the boundaries between artists, designers, galleries, and the public.
Participating talents include renowned galleries and names that include Christopher Cawley (NYC), Conie Vallese (Lisbon), Demisch Danant (NYC), Galerie Desprez-Bréhéret (Paris), Katerina Jebb (Paris), Made in Situ (Lisbon), MANIERA (Brussels), Mariana Chkonia (Tbilisi), Omer Arbel (Vancouver), Rich Aybar (NYC), Salem Charabi (Copenhagen), SINOPLE (Paris), SIZED (LA), Sophie Lou Jacobsen (NYC), Studio Ford (LA), Studio HAOS (Lisbon), Thomas Hutton (Rome), and Zain Ali/ZN ALI (London).

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Anna Caradeuc and Bildung Debut Design Festival Contributions
par Leo Lei

Design Milk
19 octobre 2023

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