SINOPLE • Treasures Roads act.1


From 02.12.21 to 22.01.22, Sinople is exhibiting Achronos, the first act of its new exhibition series Treasures Roads.

Treasures Roads, new exhibition cycle

Sinople takes its name from sinopia, a red pigment imported in ancient times from the port of Sinop in Paphlagonia. A city and maritime crossroads with multiple influences, Greek, Roman, Byzantine and then Turkish, its prosperity is due in particular to its geographical position on the Euxin Bridge at one of the western ends of the Silk Road.

The gallery’s new exhibition series, “Treasures Roads” is thus an evocation, a borrowing from ancient trade routes. These routes, which are also cultural, have established bridges between civilizations, and have allowed the discovery of techniques, materials and references that have inspired many artists and redefined artistic creation at certain times.

Achronos, the past revisited

The first act of a new cycle of exhibitions, “Achronos” reveals a timeless design, that pursued by the authors of artworks and objects inspired by know-how, materials and archetypes encountered during their explorations and freely reinterpreted in proposals that give the illusion of seeing a forgotten civilization reborn. Through a universalist gesture, the past times they revisit in the present evoke their relationship to heritage, time, cultural dialogue and the transmission of heritage.

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Achronos – treasures roads act.1 

with :

Atelier Alba
Studio Corkinho
Ciprian Tocu
Thierry Urbain*
Yves-Vincent Davroux
Olivier Sévère
Victor Fleury-Ponsin

*courtesy Bigaignon

Hôtel de Retz
9, rue Charlot Paris IIIème

02 déc. 21 – 22 janv. 22
tues. – sat. 12:00 am – 7:00 pm

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