Antonis Cardew
objects / wood
apple tree
H. 10 cm (approx.)
variable dimensions
unique pieces
Out of stock
For some of his everyday objects, Antonis Cardew works with green wood, like in his pot series. He illustrates their origin but also his connection to matter, to nature and its preservation, humbling our relationship to it.
He uses Norman timber (from apple or pear trees, etc.) from branches or trunks that have fallen from old age or fatigue caused by the fruits’ weight. Formerly used locally for carpentry or cabinet making, these fruit varieties have been left out because of industrialization.
Immediately turned while it is still green, the fallen wood fleshes out unique utilitarian objects which adapt to the raw material’s knots, size or color, after a careful study of each piece of timber. Objects gradually warp and find their own shape as they dry, which says everything about their simple existence’s strength and complexity.
For some of his other shapes, Antonis sucks every resource out of the tree, finding opportunities to imagine a poetic vocabulary in each scrap. Every stool seat all constitutes a unique landscape and his little boxes are delicate objects which enclose his passion for wood and his work.
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