Hakudo – Mono

burnt cork, perfume, Paulownia wooden plate
cork diffuser pillar - L. 4,5 cm, W. 4,5 cm, H. 8,5 cm
wooden plate - L.4,7 cm, W. 4,7 cm
Hakudo botanical essence with dripper pipette - 30ml
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One of the great traditions of Japan along with ikebana and the tea ceremony, Kōdō is the ritual art of "listening" to fragrances exhaled by burned scented woods, each of which evoking a Japanese landscape. Inspired by this ceremony, the Aoiro studio has imagined a new philosophy and a new landscape in this olfactory mapping: HAKUDO.
Its deep and woody fragrance evokes the invisible layers of mountainous soil, earthy and green. Its thick green velvet coat meets the complex organic materials that make up the substrate it covers, the roots that run through it and breathe life into the earth. Its creators have formulated it by combining 11 botanical essences*, giving it an unique temperament with a hint of smokiness in the background.
For indoor diffusion, Shizuko Yoshikuni and Manuel Kuschnig in collaboration with Studio Corkinho have designed a burnt cork diffuser pillar.

* Hiba wood, oak moss, amyris, copaiba, vetiver, elemi, yuzu, green oregano, palmarosa, ajwain, cypress
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