The world in mind, Antoine de Galbert’s donation

In 2017, Antoine de Galbert donated his collection of headdresses to the Musée des Confluences in Lyon. Considering his relationship with headdresses as “instinctive, playful and spontaneous”, they tell the story of diverse and surprising societies and aesthetics from all over the world.

From one continent to another, this richly illustrated catalogue takes the reader on a journey of discovery of more than five hundred headdresses, symbols of world cultures. This book invites the reader to contemplate and study the headdress, its aesthetics, its materials, but also the role, status and nature that this particular project offers to each of its holders. Varied, surprising, spectacular, the headdresses reveal themselves and arouse curiosity about their true functions…

This catalogue proposes a double approach: that of the collector, nourished by the beauty, strangeness and exoticism of these ornaments, and that of the museum, which focuses on the history, the peoples and the reality of their use in order to understand these objects in their living context.

The world in mind, Antoine de Galbert’s donation (Le Monde en tête, La donation Antoine de Galbert)

Collective book

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