Victor Fleury Ponsin

Victor Fleury Ponsin is an interior architect and a designer who develops stories and fantasies by shaping matter.
born in 1998, France
works and lives in Paris

His projects emerge through touch, which he considers to be the only real eye. He perceives the world through “la pensée sauvage”. A sensitive understanding of each environment and its story shapes his every project. This approach involves a process of repeated construction and de-construction, in dialogue with craftsmen, to arrive at a result consistent with its immediate environment and the genesis of each piece.

His meeting with Hubert Le Gall had a strong impact on his apprehension of handcraft. Concurrently with his studies at the Ecole Camondo, he explored various workshops in France. In the workshops of Tollis and Francois Pouenat, he acquired a unique sense of drawing, applied to the production of artistic furniture pieces. He continued this grand tour in the studio of glassmaker Jeremy Maxwell Wintrebert, then in Tristan Auer’s agency. Today, he continues to develop a fertile dialogue with craftsmen through the artistic direction of several workshops, in order to perpetually develop new materials.



Ecole Camondo (Architecture d’intérieur et design)



Grand Prix Design Parade Toulon Van Cleef & Arpels 

Prix Eyes on Talents X FRAME


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