Marguerite Bornhauser

Describing herself as "an everyday photographer", Marguerite Bornhauser immerses the viewer in matter, motif and colour. For several years now, she has been creating a world on the borders between the pictorial and the abstract, where close-ups and panoramic views clash, blurring our reference points and feeding our imagination.
born in 1989, France
works and lives in Paris

After studying literature and journalism, she joined the École Nationale Supérieure de la Photographie d’Arles, from which she graduated in 2015. Her first solo institutional exhibition will be held at the Maison Européenne de la Photographie in 2019.
In 2020, she won Photo London’s Emerging Photographer of the Year award. In 2021, the Grand Palais in Paris gave her carte blanche to focus on the renovation work during the 4 years it would last. In 2022 she was selected as guest of honour at Paris Photo.
Marguerite Bornhauser usually accompanies her photographic research with editorial work. In 2019, she published her third book, Red Harvest, also with Poursuite. She will publish her fourth book with Editions La Martinière in 2021 and her fifth book Back to dust with Poursuite in July 2023, as well as When Black is burned with Simple Editions last September.
Her work has also been commissioned for fashion, luxury and carte blanche projects for media and brands such as Chanel, Ruinart, Acqua Di Parma, Roger Vivier, Liberation, Elle, Marie Claire, Néon Mag, Les Inrocks, The Financial Times, Le Monde, M le Monde, Vogue, etc.



Master de photographie – Ecole Nationale Supérieure de photographie d’Arles – Arles (FR)


Programme d’échange avec la Weißensee Kunsthochschule – Berlin (DE)


Master 1 de journalisme et litterature à la Sorbonne Paris IV – Paris (FR)


Licence de Lettres Modernes appliquées La Sorbonne Paris IV – Paris (FR)

Exhibition (selection)


Residence INRAP / JO 2023-2024, Musée Arles Antique – Arles (FR)
Résidence au Grand Palais – Paris (FR)
MEP (Maison Européenne de la photoghraphie) – Paris (FR)


Paris Photo, Galerie Carlos Carvalho – Paris (FR)
Salon approches, Galerie Porte B – Paris (FR)
Festival Nuu – Barcelone (ES)
Festival 212 – Istanbul (TR)
Rencontres Internationales de la Photographie d’Arles – Arles (FR)
Arco – Madrid (ES)
Galerie Carlos Carvalho Arte – Lisbonne (PT)


Paris Photo – Grand Palais éphémère – Paris (FR)
Rouge – MEP (Maison Européenne de la Photographie) – Paris (FR)
Galerie Bildhalle – Amsterdam (NL)
Vent devant – La chapelle Saint Antoine – Naxos (GR)
When black is burned – Institut Français – Istanbul (TR)


Alliance Française du Royaume de Bahreïn – Bahreïn (BH)
Galerie Madé – Photo Saint Germain – Paris (FR)
Kyotographie – Galerie HOSOO – Kyoto (JP)
Photo London – Photographe émergent de l’année – Londres (GB)

Awards & residencies


Résidence archéologie et handicap INRAP pour les JO paralympiques – Paris (FR)


Residence carte blanche pour Le Grand Palais – Paris (FR)


Paris Photo, Guest of honor, selectionnée par Rossy de Palma – Paris (FR)
Residence à la Chapelle Saint Antoine – Naxos (GR)


Gagnante du prix du photographe émergent de l’année de Photo London – Londres (GB)


Résidence sur le chantier archéologique de la Verrerie d’Arles en partenariat avec le Musée Arles Antique, l’INRAP, l’ENSP et le Festival de la photographie d’Arles – Arles (FR)
Residence au Hameau des Baux – Maussane (FR)


Book Plastic Colors short-listed for the First Book Award, Mack books
Residence pour le Festival Planches Contact avec la Fondation Louis Roederer – Deauville (FR)


Résidence à la Weißensee kunsthochschule – Berlin (DE)


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