Gaspard Graulich

Gaspard Graulich sees himself as a designer-explorer. He was particularly influenced by his roamings across the African, Australian and North American deserts, where he nourished the deep connection to nature and landscape he had developed on his childhood island.
born in 1983, France
works and lives in Paris

After studying industrial design at the ENSAAMA Olivier de Serres in Paris, Gaspard Graulich took on a conceptual approach at the ESAD in Reims, then specialized in sustainable design at Besançon’s University of Science and Technology.

From the age of 2, his thirst for understanding led him to dismantle everything he laid his hands on; today, this designer is obsessed with objects, their meaning, function, purpose, their interactions, which he seeks to deconstruct in order to better update. His intrinsic taste for purity and primitive function leads him to design “essential” objects, whose simplicity pushes us to rethink them. His work is an exploration of the interactions between man and matter, from which he believes the object originates, and combines philosophy, ethnology, technique, history and prehistory…

He expresses this take on objects through constant intellectual and experimental research, mixing photography, writing, drawing and conducting experiments in his troglodyte studio.

Group exhibitions


Nature Culture Etres, ARCADE design à la campagne (FR)

Natures Mortes, Sinople, Paris (FR)


Private Choice, Paris (FR)

Sight Unseen, Offsite Online.

Collectible, Brussels (BE)


Private Choice, Paris (FR)

Crossovers by Adorno, London Design Festival (UK)

Collectible. Brussels

Interstices, Biennale Emergence, Pantin (FR)


Gallery ROOM, Paris Design Week, Paris (FR)

La Rotonde Stalingrad, Paris Design Week, Paris (FR)


Galerie Joseph, Paris Design Week. Paris (FR)

Artifact #B, Biennale Internationale Design St Etienne. Saint Etienne (FR)


Now!le off, Paris (FR)

Artifact, Biennale Internationale Design St Etienne. Saint Etienne (FR)


Meet My Project, Lieu du Design, Paris (FR)

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